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Glenda by Renée French

About me

I am a product analyst and social entrepreneur from .fi (currently based in .no) with a background in astronomy, physics and mathematics. My interests include typesetting, open source software and computers in general. I am nowadays using Devuan, but have a soft spot for OpenBSD and Plan 9.

I enjoy reading historical novels, philosophy and poetry. I am a serious fan of the heavenly combination of Glenn Gould and Bach. I love telemark skiing and am fond of nature. I like to climb; be it rock, mountains or boulders. However, curiously, I still find climbing out of my bed almost insurmountable at times. Go figure...

I also hold membership in the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry.

Various stuff

Below you will find some files I consider worth sharing.

A selection of my open source projects is available at NotABug. By request, I include a discussion of my Heirloom mailx setup here.

Projects I have grown fond of include kerTeX, REDUCE, A/I, the Heirloom Project, and cat-v.org. Naturally I should also mention SDF-EU, where this page is hosted at, and aNONradio.

The mandatory cat picture is presented here.

Contact information

I am somewhat active on irc.sdf.org but the most sure way to contact me is via email. Should you not be familiar with email etiquette, read this first.

PGP: 3472 C011 9AED 0C16 CE4D  EBDB E399 27E3 77E8 5036

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